Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Overcoming Burnout

I have been fighting emotional burnout for quite a while now, and it's hard. My job is really emotionally draining, and while I really want to get my coaching business up and running, I know I need to get things in my own life under control too before I can really help others. My dream is to help people find their greatness. We were created by God and given certain gifts. We don't always recognize those gifts for what they are, which is where I come in. I know I was created for Greatness, so I have to find a way to overcome emotional burnout.

One of the ways I have found is to put affirmations on my computer at my current job. Affirmations that help me keep a positive outlook, and help me recognize the greatness inside myself. Two of the ones I have on my desk right now are: "What I'm doing right now is only temporary." This quote was found on Tiny Buddha. Tiny Buddha has been such a huge help to me. You can find the link here.

The other quote that I have is, "I am stronger than I think I am." I don't remember where I found this quote, but it is amazing for reminding me that I have strength inside myself, and that once I find it, I can do anything.

Overcoming burnout can be really difficult. It is extremely important to have a solid support system in place, because these people can help you in ways that you may not see. For example, my friend John is amazing at getting me to laugh. When I'm having a bad day, I can talk to him for 5 minutes on the phone and I feel much better because he is such a cut-up that I can't help but laugh. My friend Jeff is the amazing one at listening to me when I'm having a bad day. He doesn't always know what to tell me to fix things, but he listens, and most of the time it's enough. When I'm looking for a solution, my best friend Stace is amazing. She's a therapist, so can often see solutions that were probably staring me in the face but I was too blind to see.

Besides my friends (who are all amazing in their own right) my family is incredible. They are all incredibly supportive especially when I'm going through burnout. When I don't feel like I can continue on doing what I'm doing, my mom is amazing. She lets me rant and vent and then offers constructive advice on what I can do RIGHT then to help me through it.

If you are in a situation where you don't have the greatest support system, please consider getting a coach. They are different from a therapist, but can help be that support you need. A coach can help you construct a self-care plan, and be that support system. If your emotional burnout is especially bad, please consider getting a therapist. They can help you emotionally, and can give you coping skills to help you through emotional burnout.

If your burnout is job-related, and you are considering a career change, please let me know. I will be happy to help you decide what you want to do, and help you set goals to get you there. I can help you write your resume to help you stand out from the crowd. My coaching skills are in a range of areas, so even if you don't see anything here that applies to you, contact me anyway. I will be happy to discuss options with you.

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