Sunday, June 28, 2015

Self-Care for Super Busy Women

If you're super busy, then you know just how hard it is to find time to take care of yourself the way you should. My best friend is a good example of this. She runs her own business, and runs a household. This causes a lack of time for her to take care of herself. But She still manages to do small things that help her recharge and make sure she stays healthy. She runs several days a week, which helps keep her physical body in shape. She also plays pool and hangs out with her friends which helps keep her mental and emotional body healthy. It is extremely important to keep both our emotional and physical bodies in shape. Physical body shape is something I am still working on, but I do several things to keep my emotional body in shape. Below are some options that you can incorporate into your daily life that will keep you on an even keel.

1. Meditate. I have read in several places that for Christians meditation isn't healthy because we have to keep our minds focused on God at all times. But even the bible mentions Meditation. Meditating on the word, which means thinking about it and incorporating it into our daily lives. Meditation is a very good way to bring your mind back to the present. I have read in several different places that our minds, in the present, are the least stressed and the most able to handle difficulties. So by practicing meditation, we keep our brains recharged.

2. Reading. I love to read. Reading allows our brain to expand and learn new skills. By reading self-development books we are literally teaching our brains how to think in different ways, which allows us to handle stress differently.

3. Listening to Music. It has been scientifically proven that music affects our emotions. This is why I don't listen to any kind of music that could be seen as depressing. I keep my music upbeat so that my emotions aren't affected in any kind of negative way.

4. Bubble baths. Or any kind of bath really. Our skin is the largest organ in our body, so taking care of it is extremely important. Your body becomes healthier when you utilize this organ to detox your body. Epsom salts are really good for detoxing the skin and body. You can find so many resources online for recipes on how to detox.

Any of these can be utilized even in a busy schedule to help recharge our minds and bodies, so that we are able to handle stress better, and keep being productive. The busier the person, the harder you might think it would be to do any of these things, but you'll find that the more time you make for yourself, the better you are at using the time you have left over. I always feel more creative after reading a book, or watching a video on YouTube, or just listening to a favorite song. You will be surprised at how much just these small changes can make in your life.

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Thursday, June 11, 2015

6 Words to Completely Remove From Your Vocabulary

We all have things we say, whether they be about someone else, or something we don't like, or even about ourselves. We all have negative words we use. But in order to move forward in life, and to create a positive atmosphere around ourselves, certain words must be completely removed from our vocabulary.

Word #1: Stupid. Why do you say this word? Do you call ideas stupid? Maybe you call yourself stupid for missing the turn you've made a million times. The point is, this is a horrible word, and one that should never leave your mouth.

Word #2: Um. This is a time-waster. I hear it so much, and I always think, "does this person really know what he or she is talking about?" It makes you sound not as knowledgeable as you want to. When you erase this word from your vocabulary, you'll notice you sound, even to yourself, much smarter and easier to listen to. Try it, you'll love it!

Word #3: Retarded. This is along the same lines as Stupid, and shouldn't be said. The only time I allow myself to say this word is when I am talking about someone who is actually retarded. I NEVER say it in a derogatory way, but always with all the kindness I can muster. When I am explaining someone's behavior, I might use a phrase such as, "I think she might be a little developmentally retarded." But, whenever I can, I choose to use a different word. This one isn't very kind, and is overused in today's society.

Word #4: Ugly. We are all wonderfully made, and we were all created for a purpose. No one is ugly. We may have things we would like to change about ourselves, but when we were born, our parents thought we were beautiful. Learn to love this about yourself. Be different, be unique, be who God created you to be.

Word #5: Whatever. This word is SO dismissive, and I HATE it. When you are having a discussion with someone, and he uses this word, basically he is telling you, "what you have to say is unimportant, and I think you are unimportant. I have better things to do than waste my time with you." One of the quickest ways to really make me angry is to use this word to me in a discussion or debate. I will respond, and it won't be pretty. Just don't use it, and you will notice more conversations staying in a positive light.

Word #6: Fat. Too many people use this word these days, and in a very bad way. People use the phrase "I am so fat today" way too much. Especially since these people are by NO means actually fat. I have a friend on Facebook that uses this word to describe herself quite a bit, and every time I see her posts, I comment and tell her to quit. She is not fat; she is gorgeous, but because of an altered state of beauty that society has forced on us, she doesn't know how to see herself in any other light. When we quit using this word, we can start to see our own beauty and help others see theirs. Please stop using this word.

This is by no means a comprehensive list of my least favorite words in the English language, but it is a start. By changing the words we use, we can change our viewpoint on the world, and eventually we can be the change we wish to see.

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Why I Uninstalled All The Games From My Phone

ummmm...what? I took all the games off my phone? Isn't having apps and games part of the fun of having a smart phone? Well yeah. Having mindless entertainment at my fingertips sounds like a perfect time. Here's the problem with that: Being mindless isn't a good thing. We were created to use our brains. By sitting and staring at a tiny little screen making the little man jump around, we are essentially teaching our brain how to be useless.

Now you might be telling me, "well, the games I play on my phone involve brain teasers and math problems, and require a bunch of logic." Which, to that I say, fine. If you want to keep your games, keep them. I'm not trying to tell anyone what to do. I'm simply explaining why I chose to take everything off mine. I'm even thinking about taking Facebook off, even though I use it for my business all the time. Having all these things that I could be doing instead of developing myself further is holding me back, not pushing me forward.

If I'm not sitting playing a game on my phone, it gives me more time to write, or research for my blog, or go on twitter and work on marketing. I have so much more time to do things I need to do rather than just what I want to do. I'll have time to work on my online classes, and learn things I need to learn in order to be as successful as I can be. I have taken to turning off all my data when I'm working, so that even when I get an email, my phone doesn't ding all the time. I'm able to be so much more productive than I thought, because of how I am choosing to spend my time. Candy Crush can't do for me what other things can. Even just taking the 5 minutes I would normally take to drive my little car on hill climb to read a book instead can take my life to new heights.

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