Thursday, June 11, 2015

Why I Uninstalled All The Games From My Phone

ummmm...what? I took all the games off my phone? Isn't having apps and games part of the fun of having a smart phone? Well yeah. Having mindless entertainment at my fingertips sounds like a perfect time. Here's the problem with that: Being mindless isn't a good thing. We were created to use our brains. By sitting and staring at a tiny little screen making the little man jump around, we are essentially teaching our brain how to be useless.

Now you might be telling me, "well, the games I play on my phone involve brain teasers and math problems, and require a bunch of logic." Which, to that I say, fine. If you want to keep your games, keep them. I'm not trying to tell anyone what to do. I'm simply explaining why I chose to take everything off mine. I'm even thinking about taking Facebook off, even though I use it for my business all the time. Having all these things that I could be doing instead of developing myself further is holding me back, not pushing me forward.

If I'm not sitting playing a game on my phone, it gives me more time to write, or research for my blog, or go on twitter and work on marketing. I have so much more time to do things I need to do rather than just what I want to do. I'll have time to work on my online classes, and learn things I need to learn in order to be as successful as I can be. I have taken to turning off all my data when I'm working, so that even when I get an email, my phone doesn't ding all the time. I'm able to be so much more productive than I thought, because of how I am choosing to spend my time. Candy Crush can't do for me what other things can. Even just taking the 5 minutes I would normally take to drive my little car on hill climb to read a book instead can take my life to new heights.

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